A28P Testimonials

I have worked with Katie Boyd for two years. I first found Katie through the Ambitchious podcast. Katie is an absolute Goddess of self-help! She strives to make the world a better place by helping each and everyone one of us to become our best selves. Katie is an incredible advocate for self love and empowerment. Her approach may come off as blunt, but it always comes from a place of love and wisdom. Her advice spans personal growth, relationships, money mindset, setting boundaries, and clearing unwanted chaos out of your life! Katie’s tips are incredibly inspiring, and the more I listen to her podcast, the more I find myself making these shifts to achieve better alignment in my life. I have also been fortunate to work with Katie at Spirit Days, the Kripalu retreat, and on the Ambitchious 28 Protocol. Working with Katie continues to push me to level up more than I ever could have imagined. She empowers us to dig deep in order to heal and grow so that we may reach our fullest potential! Thank you Katie for your continued help and healing energy!
Jess Kaplan
Jess Kaplan
I met Katie Boyd years ago through my daughter Annie who did some pageant work with her. I have tried many different diets where I would lose the weight but gain it right back. I started gaining weight probably 8 years ago after surgery and it seemed that I could never lose it. This past Christmas, my husband, my daughter and her husband, my son and I went to Cancun for Christmas and we decided to take some family professional pictures. I hated how I looked. My cheeks were so big and I felt swollen. I knew the time was now and 2020 had to be different. I signed up for Katie Boyd's AP28 protocol and it was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. I started January 6th 2020 and after 3 months, I lost 37 pounds and 31 inches. I have never felt better. I not only lost weight but I gained a group of Ambitchious ladies who are very supportive, and an amazing leader Katie Boyd who knows what she is talking about and who does not take any crap from anyone (which is what I need). I am an educator and I love structure. This protocol is the best that could have happened to me. I have bad sinuses and there is no need to clean my nose every night like I have been doing in the past. My ankles that are swollen all the times have been down since January and now I am wearing shoes that I have not worn in a long time. AP28 is a therapeutic keto lifestyle, and I'm so grateful that I finally found something that I can use my whole life. Thank you Katie Boyd for the support, the lifestyle change and the education. You are such a great leader and you have helped me more than you can imagine.
Claudie Jean-Baptiste
I met Katie at exactly the right time in my life. I was lost, full of anxiety, unsure of what I wanted out of life....always trying to get ahead on a hamster wheel. Almost immediately I knew that the universe had placed her in my path intentionally, and I was at a crossroads. I certainly didn’t want to continue struggling through life, wishing for more but accepting less. So, I hired her to work one-on-one with me. At the time, I didn’t even really know what I was seeking from her. I just knew that I desired MORE. My initial contract with Katie was for 1:1 coaching sessions. It was so easy to open up to her and share my struggles, my fears, my dreams and my desires. She helped me to find my purpose, and define my desired legacy. Over our months of working together, Katie helped me to take my “idea” and shape it into a real business plan. She shared in every ounce of my excitement and passion. I realized that my dreams were about to become a reality. I then moved on to work with Katie in Mastermind. Being surrounded by like-minded, driven individuals who each bring expertise to the table is so important. Katie brings invaluable information to us and we all collaborate to move each other toward victory. I was able to build my website and launch my business all with the help of Katie and my fellow Masterminders. I also am a participant of A28P. After having kids and losing myself completely, living with abuse for 20 years, struggling with unhealthy body image, struggling as a single parent and having awful people pleasing tendencies, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could put myself first for 28 days. Again, I got so much more than I expected. A28P focuses on healing, from the inside out. (Losing weight is a huge benefit of that healing!) Katie doesn’t say “do this” she says “I am asking you to do this because....”. It is really important to her that we understand why we are doing things so that we are able to make this an ongoing lifestyle and benefit from it for the rest of our lives. Katie has created an all encompassing lifestyle protocol in A28P. I have learned so much from Katie about how to be healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially), how to set boundaries, how to love myself and how to find true happiness in life. She has guided me to completely change my path to one of love, abundance and joy. Thanks to the principles that Katie has taught me I no longer live with fear controlling me. I have strong, healthy boundaries and I’m living my life on my terms.
Dawn Priest
Dawn Priest
I cannot say enough about how Katie Boyd and her programs have made such a positive impact on my life. I have participated in Goddess Gatherings, Spirit Days, One on One coaching and I’m in my 3rd month of the A28P. I’ve never been healthier and never felt this good. Her philosophy is that healing has to happen on the inside first and the outside will follow. I’m so grateful that I joined this wonderful group! Thank you again Katie Boyd.
Kelly Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher
I’m 43 years old and have tried many fads, diets, protocols- you name it, I’ve tried it. But the one big difference that I’ve found when doing these programs and finding what works for me is Katie Boyd. One thing that you learn fast when you’re working with Katie is that she is devoted to you and your progress, no matter what the circumstances. She is so knowledgeable and works hard to not only educate her clients with what she knows, but is an active participant in every individual’s plan so they can get the most out of the protocol. It incorporates mind, body, and spirit- so you’re balanced. She gives you all of the tools necessary for success- videos, food plans, journals- EVERYTHING you could possibly need to achieve your goals. If you have questions? She answers them. If you’re struggling? She gives you support. If you’re falling off the wagon? She yells, screams, and whips you until you get back on! Of course in a way that makes you cry laughing, because she has an amazing sense of humor! She does this EVERY DAY, not just every so often. The investment she makes in you is really unbelievable, and that’s what makes this AP28 Protocol so special and different from anything else out there. If you’re looking to find and foster your best self, you need to give Katie and this protocol a try. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it!
melissa botelho
Melissa Botelho

Business Coaching

When I first met with Katie for business coaching, I had an idea of a business I wanted to start. That idea turned into a business that I never thought would be possible. Katie’s Ambitchious Mastermind has helped me accomplish more in the last two years than I ever thought was possible. She did not just get my business off the ground; her continuous coaching has helped Threads of Hope evolve further than I imagined, and I know it will only continue to evolve in the coming years. Katie gives her clients the perfect mix of motivation, kindness, and ass-kickings when needed! In addition to my business, she has helped me grow spiritually, implement daily practices, and has helped me understand that self care is not selfish.
Katie Boyd is a kick-ass teacher, visionary, coach, and leader! She helped me gather the tools and mindset needed to launch my business. Katie's work is so necessary in these times when we are bombarded with messages that our message doesn't matter, that we are supposed to stay quiet and just go along with the program but this is not what is being called for in these troubling times. We need women to rise into their power, their voices, their clarity, vision, passion, and courage. Katie ignites women's souls and inspires them to rise and become agents of deep and meaningful change! Katie is a POWERHOUSE and a role model for women to rise rooted and be the change we wish to see in the world!

Retreats Testimonials

I attended an amazing workshop with Katie at Kripalu in Massachusetts. I left after the weekend with Katie, refreshed, confident and at peace. Katie's positive energy and passion for teaching us to live as the best versions of ourselves was contagious and got me out of a dark funk I was in. Katie works magic with her singing bowls and her beautiful voice, along with her different types of breathing exercises and emotional meditation. Katie made us all feel so welcome and comfortable. She also kept us laughing with her down to earth, hysterically honest sense of humor. I am now working with Katie and the online support group for Katie's 28 day Protocol. I am so excited to continue my journey to optimal health with the full support from Katie and her incredible knowledge of health, fitness and mindfulness."
Maureen Whaley, Norwood,
New Jersey
I had the wonderful opportunity to venture to Kripalu in January of 2019 for the “Live Your Best Life” seminar with Katie Boyd. I have been following Katie on her podcasts and decided that I needed to attend for my own well being. When I arrived she was more than welcoming! She went around the room greeting each and everyone personally and chatting with everyone as if they were old friends. I knew right then and there that this was the right choice for me. The entire weekend was full of eye opening experiences. We worked on our own spiritual practices and trying to understand who we are and what we really want. The amount of soul searching Katie has you do opens you up to realizing what potentials you have. Even though these are heavy topics, she goes through everything and makes you laugh. She puts her own life experiences into her seminar and lives these same values that she teaches. She did more that just put a bunch of topics in our notebooks, she had us experience and really dig deep to find what we truly desire. She talked one on one and really pushed us to our comfort zone. On the final day she even did a death meditation that was incredibly emotional eye-opening! I left there feeling completely energized and ready to take on my new life and live it the best I can.
theresa sabina
Theresa Sabina Caliri

Full-Day Immersion Testimonials

I invested in a full business immersion day with Katie, and I am so happy that I decided to do this. It gave me the good kick in the rear that I needed, and I left feeling so motivated + inspired. I believe in continuing to better myself by investing in coaches + programs, and having others around us that we both look up to and value their opinions. I knew that I wanted to work with Katie in some capacity based on her personal experiences, business knowledge, self development work + healing and simply because of her no-nonsense approach, no sugar coating anything. Our day together consisted of a lot of business masterminding, and ended with self development work + reiki healing. We often forget that we need to continue to work on ourselves personally and not just professionally, and Katie fuses the 2 together so beautifully. I left feeling clear on both my personal work + professional work and cannot thank Katie enough for her guidance and support.
Katie never fails to deliver massive value and inspiration. I was looking for one-on-one coaching and needed more then an hour or two. During our full day Ambitchious immersion Katie helped me create a step-by-step business plan. She also helped me iron out a few personal matters that were weighing me down. Katie is supportive, understanding, enthusiastic and a top-notch co-creator. Half way through the day I was wondering when I could schedule another full day with her. That’s how amazing it was.
Megan Lynne
Megan Lynne
Financial Consultant