Protect Your Time and Energy
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Katie Boyd

How to Protect Your Time and Energy

There are many layers involved  in the act of exiting the Matrix once and for all.

The next step I chose to speak on is the idea of the protection of two vital aspects of living in Christ Consciousness or  fifth-dimensional reality. One is energy and the second aspect is time.

I often reminisce on how much I gave of myself with my precious energy and with my valuable time, and oftentimes it was hardly valued by the receiver of these two gifts. In turn, making  me feel pretty damn shitty.

Remember, when you are living in the Matrix you feel like caca mostly all of the time  and that is a great reminder on how you know you are resting there. When you feel the opposite of your Core Desired Feelings, you will be sure as shit to know that you have pitched your tent directly in the center of the  Matrix. 

By making the awakened decision to have fierce boundaries when it comes to your time and your life force energy is one of the most powerful practices you can do on a daily basis.  Before I go any further I would like to touch upon the idea of different time constructs of reality since none of my teachers taught me this in school. 

What kind of time are you deciding to exist in every day of your life?  

The ancient Greeks had two words for time: chronos  and kairos.  The former refers to chronological or sequential time, while the latter signifies a proper or opportune time for action. While chronos is quantitative, kairos has a qualitative, permanent nature.

When you live by the clock, always complaining that there is never enough time, I pinky swear with you that you are one hundred percent living in the third dimension, aka the Matrix. When you are choosing to live in Kairos you are stating to the Universe that you are an eternal being of light and that time is an illusion. When you live in Kairos time there is always enough time to achieve all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations and feel good doing it. Never rushed, never in the hustle and grind mentality. Doesn’t that sound pretty dope?

Here are my top five ways to start exiting the Matrix by protecting both your time and energy.

1. Say No and mean it

In episode 18 of the Ambitchious Podcast I dive deep into why no is a complete sentence. Everyone I know who is truly living the life of their dreams says no and says no often and in turn has more time to do the big things in life that truly matter.  

2. Cloak and use crystals

In Ambitchioius the book, I have dedicated an entire chapter to this concept. For many people on Earth today they wake up and walk outside and leave their daily lives up to the whims and wants of other people. When you wake up and protect yourself energetically your day runs smoother.  You can do this with the act of cloaking as well as giving certain crystals you have the job of helping aid in your energetic protection. You can learn more about Cloaking in Ambitchious the Book.  You can also learn even more about crystals in Episodes 115 and Episode 116. I promise you that if you use all of these practices and rituals that your life will be happier and more fulfilled and all of a sudden there will be more than enough time to do everything that your heart desires. Click here to download additional tips, tools, and resources that will empower you to uplevel your life Ambitchiously.

3. Set Intentions before any and all actions

Everything I do during the day from getting interviewed on someone else’s podcast, to one on one calls with my coaching clients to going out to dinner with my husband I always set the intentions to make it great, be protected and flow with divine energy and ask for my spirit guides to aid me in my highest greatest good. All you have to do, it is this easy, is before you step out of your door to go to a party or hop on a Zoom with a potential client just ask your power posse that is comprised of your guardian angels, spirits guides, family members and loved ones who are not physically here on the third dimensional plane to your ancestors who came before you to surround you with their light, wisdom, love and courage to help you in what you are about to do. And so it is…Amen. That’s it.

4. Make some energetic rules with your loved ones and stick to them

Like my Nana always said, If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. I know that most of us, including myself, like to be a free spirit but there are some incredible aspects of having rules about what you will and will not do. In my book Ambitchious I actually talk about making a list so you can keep yourself on track during times where you feel emotionally, energetically weakened or if someone springs something on you out of nowhere. For example, I talk extensively on how I loathe commercialized holidays. People will invite me to ugly sweater parties and Yankee swaps during Christmas and I always politely decline. It is not because I am Scrooge, but I believe that Christmas time is a time of deep rest. The winter solstice should be a deep exhale and a sacred time to go within and integrate the last year and all of your lessons and experiences. Not to dress like Cindy Lou Who and get smashed on Hot Toddy’s and fruit cake. 

5. Take Inventory of what makes you feel like shit and then do everything in your power to get rid of it

I know this seems way too simple to be meaningful, but I promise you it is one of the most divinely guided practices I repeat on a daily basis. Everyday I say to myself, is this a hell’s yes or is this a hell’s no. If it is a no, then I kindly decline, if it is a yes I go into it with all the gusto I can muster. So often we find ourselves in this places of doing things just because we have always done them and that my friend is what Napoleon Hill in Outwitting the Devil described as “hypnotic rhythm.” If something makes you feel drained and empty after you do it then stop. You have this one precious human life. How do you choose to live? Wastefully or Wholly?

Stay Ambitchious,