The HBIC Plan

$665.00 / month

($1995 per Quarter) 12 Weeks (that’s $665 per month or $166.25 per spot)
Our talented team will strategize and develop a unique segment customized to boost your brand. As part of the regular show content, the segment option doesn’t come across as a commercial. It’s more powerful than an ad, and more relatable for the audience.
Your segment will be billed every 12 weeks until you cancel or change your plan.
Listeners in all fifty states and more than seventy countries will hear your ad–a powerful, international reach, week after week. International recognition coupled with repetition, will quickly spread the word about your brand.

Within that year, at no additional charge we may mention your brands and review it LIVE on Ambitchious Show. We may even invite you to appear LIVE or via the internet on a show dedicated to your product, band and company.

You will be billed quarterly and your ads will automatically renew unless otherwise notified.
When you see the World-Wide results you will get you’re not going anywhere!

A segment ad delivers that personal feel, building a relationship and connection with your audience. Loyal followers of Katie Boyd trust the AMBITCHIOUS brand, and the segment option builds trust with your brand, too. You’ll be part of an exciting, dynamic show that gets women talking long after the episode ends. Be part of that conversation today!

This in an introductory, first-time reduced-price offer. Act now and lock in your low rate today. AMBITCHIOUS is more than a podcast; it’s a movement and we’d love for you to join this fast-moving rocket while promoting your brand and products.

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