Ambitchious Money Mistressmind

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Did you grow up with a lack money mindset? Was some of the phrases uttered in your house that money didn’t grow on trees, or we cannot afford that or that rich people are swindlers and con-artists?

Or maybe you have an incredibly Ambitchious idea to open up a new business but have no business degree and not the first clue on how to do it.

Or you may want to be pivoting your brick and mortar business to the online space in these uncertain times.

If you answered yes… yes….yes…to any of these things then this Mistressmind is just what you need to take your money, wealth, abundance and financial freedom to the absolute next level.

In Mistressmind you will receive

  • Online facebook Community of other business women, entrepreneurs and boss bitches who will love, support and help you through their vast expertise to fill in your gaps when you need it.
  • Weekly Zooms: Mistressminding Zooms happen every Monday at 7:00pm est. If you cannot make it live the Zoom recording will be shared with you via email.
  • Hours upon hours of pre-recorded educational and inspirational videos done by yours truly. Weekly Focused goals given to you by me.
  • Weekly Challenges given to you by me
  • Extra training from experts in different field like law, e-commerce, websites and so much more.
  • Marketing training
  • Websites
  • Legal education such as trademarking, intellectual property and protecting your assets
    LLC., S-Corp, B-Corp etc
  • Email marketing
  • Attracting your ideal clients and repelling your not so ideal.
  • Ambitchious Abundant Statement
  • Core Desired Feelings
  • Brick and Mortar management
  • Online business management
  • Ontraport, Kajabi, Flodesk, Zapier and other important business applications
  • Asana, Slack, Basecamp and other productivity applications for you and your team
  • Social media plan and calendar
  • CRM: client retention management
  • How to create your dream team
  • Fiverr
  • Mailchimp, Flodesk and other ways to nurture your clients
  • Facebook and Social media Ads
  • Sales Funnels
  • Question and Answer Vault
  • How to create copy that converts into sales
  • Profit Plan
  • Following through
  • List Building
  • Projection
  • Big Picture Thinking
  • Offerings
  • Networking
  • Not giving up right before the miracle happens
  • Mindset
  • Health
  • Productivity
  • Time chunking
  • Focus
  • How to flow
  • Essentialism
  • Batch Working
  • Podcasting
  • Going Live
  • Youtube
  • Tik Tok
  • How to truly serve for maximum results
  • The Three E’s
  • And so much more…

    The most beautiful and rewarding part of the Ambitchious Money Mistressmind is the incredible women from all over the world that come together for the purpose of aiding in each other’s growth on mental, spiritual, physical as well as financial fronts.

    I promise you that if you do the work you will lead the life of your dreams.

    I will give you the tools but you have to use them.

    You will finally know what it is like to have a life filled with wealth, abundance and financial freedom.

    No refunds/No transfers

    Price: $349.99 per month for 12 months

    This is a monthly recurring payment. At the end of the 12 months your membership will go on auto renew on a month to month basis. To cancel your monthly deductions you must give a 30-day written cancellation notice by emailing or by USPS by making it to 1 Winn Ave. Hudson, NH 03051.


    1 PIF of $3,999 for 12 months


    a lifetime membership for $9,999.99

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