Ambitchious Mistressmind Mentorship

I am currently accepting only a handful of one-on-one clients. The inside track is that I am only choosing to work with ladies who are ready to level up and ascend vibrational frequencies at a rapid pace. Put on your space suit honey, we are blasting off to the 5th Dimension. Every month you and I will dive deep into everything your heart, body and soul desires so that you can level up to higher dimensions of consciousness and truly live the rest of your life the best of your life. Once a month we will meet in person or virtually, and I will help you prepare for your soul’s initiation into the 5-D. Warning! This is not for the faint-hearted. This is only for the woman who deeply desires to level up. She wholeheartedly takes the mentorship that I provide seriously. Thus, only focusing on the implementation and integration of all of the aspects of my teachings. Therefore, vibrating on such a high frequency that she jumps timelines to the next level of awakening. Private coaching costs five hundred dollars per session but for you lady, I will hook a sista up. You will get all of this awesomeness for $389.99 a month.

Disclaimer: There is an application process for Ambitchious Mistressmind Mentorship and not everyone is chosen. You can only enter into this program after filling out our questionnaire and then having a Zoom interview with me. Upon reviewing the questionnaire answers and having gone through the interview process I will make the decision if this is an Ambitchious fit for the both of us. To be considered for Ambitchious Mistressmind Mentorship, please schedule your interview and complete your application here:

Please Note: The price of the 12 payments is $389.99 per month or you can also prepay for the year in full for the price of $3999.99 dollars which is a $679.89 dollar savings. At the end of the 12 months, your monthly payments will continue until you write a letter of cancellation either to or you can write a physical letter and send it USPS to 1 Winn Ave. Hudson, NH 03051. If you choose to pay in full for the year 30 days before your 12 months is complete, an email will be sent to you to ask you if you would like to opt to pay for another year in full or continue into a month-to-month membership option. There are no refunds and no transfers.

$3,999.99 / year