Ambitchious Full-Day Immersion

Full-The Day Ambitchious Coaching Experience with Katie is a deep dive into becoming your best self. Starts at 10 a.m. at KBMFC at 1 Winn Ave., Hudson, New Hampshire 03051.

This empowering schedule will leave you transformed:

  • 10 AM: Initiation ritual with a Palo Santo clearing of all low-vibrational energies that no longer serve your highest and greatest good.
  • 11 AM – 1 PM: Card reading and energy healing session led by Katie, guiding you on a healing journey. Crystals, sound healing, singing, chanting, cord cutting, and an ancestral lineage clean-up will be administered. We will move old, dense and low-vibrational energy out, leaving room to open your auric field and break you out of your old patterning and hypnotic rhythms.
    Noon: recap of the healing session with a question and answer time.
  • 1 – 2 PM: Lunch Break
  • 2PM – 6PM: Now that your mind, body, and soul are open to change, this is where the deep work happens. We will be recharging and refueling your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body with new programming. For example, this could be changing the limiting beliefs you have about money, wealth and that sense of never having enough. When your beliefs about these items are not high-vibrational you will continue to live a life with a scarcity mindset, holding you back from leading a life full of abundance and financial freedom.

We will also be creating new and improved habits around health, wellness, exercise, and nutrition. You will learn how to treat your body like a temple and not a trash can. We will also heal your ingrained stories about your relationships and the bad boundaries that you have held since childhood. We all deserve healthy and loving relationships! This day is all about getting to the root of the negative practices that have been holding you back from living your best life. You will leave this immersive day with all of the tools you need to live in a new, exciting, and empowering way. Your dreams will now become your Ambitchious reality!

No refunds and no transfers.

Note* this day can also be virtual.