Ambitchious Couple’s Mini-Retreat

This day is where the “Ambitchious” team up with the “Manbitchious” to merge their divine femeinine and masculine to take their relationships to empowering levels. This retreat is led by the dynamic duo of husband and wife team Matthew Babine and Katie Boyd. Throughout this day the men and women will be separated and will work in a group with both Katie and Matt on healing and empowerment.

Then at the end of the day the two teams will join forces to create the unbreakable bonds that will last forever.

Topics of focus:

  • How to use meditation to create a stronger bond with your partner
  • How to create sacredness in your love relationships
  • How to have healthy communication and navigate conflict Ambitchiously
  • Using rituals and practices to connect to your partner on a deeper cosmic level
  • How to develop real intimacy in your relationship using the Six Life Makers
  • How to create and curate your most Ambitchious lives together
  • How creating fierce boundaries with the outside world will make the inside world spectacular
  • How to “fight right”
  • Why relationships are soul contracts and how to experience relationship on a deep soul contract level

And so much more.

If you and your loved one are ready to take the leap and heal your relationship on every level this day is for you.

*Please bring water, a yoga mat, snacks, pillow and blanket, journal and any other creature comforts you may desire to help aid in your ultimate relaxed state of being.
Saturday April 10th from 12:00pm until 5:00pm

475 per couple