Ambitchious Book

If you’re up for a book that tells you how and why you should get your shit together, this is it. Direct, to the point, and laugh-your-ass-off funny, Ambitchious turns the word bitch upside down and inside out, and makes that single syllable into true empowerment. You can have the life of your dreams, with no apologies, and no regrets. Ambitchious is going to break you down, to build you up, and to make you think. It’s going to give you the blueprint to become the best you, the one that got misplaced somewhere along the road of toxic relationships, shitty pasts, and wrong turns. It can all change, starting right this second. Turn the page and start the journey to start becoming the HBIC—Head Bitch in Charge of your best life. It’s going to be a crazy ride but so worth it, Ambitchious One!