Have you been living the same day over and over and calling it a life? Do you have no rituals (OR) rules to your existence? Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, weight gain, toxic relationships, food addiction, illness and disease? Do you have more than 30 pounds of unwanted body fat to shed? Do you desire to adopt a life where you are the mistress of your destiny and the creatress of your reality? If you answered yes to more than a few of these questions then A90P is for you. By taking this next step in your evolution you are affirming to not only me but more importantly yourself that you are committed to your word being law and your self- worth depends on it. When you purchase A90P you receive 12 weeks of hard core love, support, therapeutic ketogenic counseling, spiritual practices and so much more.

In A90P you will receive:

  • An Accountability Buddy
  • 10 Rules in your beautiful PDF
  • Habit Tracker
  • Fasting App
  • Product discounts on supplements and food
  • Journal prompts
  • Education and scientific support on fasting, keto, yoga and spiritual practices
  • Private Facebook Community with only the bad ass bitches. This is a safe place to be your most Ambitchiously authentic self
  • Sound Healing
  • Monthly changing meal plan
  • New Recipes that coincide with the new meal plan
  • New Shopping list that coincides with the monthly recipes and meal plan
  • Meditation
  • 5 new yoga videos monthly
  • Weekly Zoom Calls every Monday at 8:00pm est (if you cannot make them live they will be shared with you after so you can view them at your leisure
  • Breathing exercise
  • Monthly Focus
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Insider information about Ambitchious the Book, Podcast, retreats, Immersions and all things Ambitchious before any other community

No refunds/No Transfers

$999.99 or 3 equal installments of $349.99

From: $349.99 / month for 3 months