lions gate portal activation
Katie Boyd

Katie Boyd

The 8-8 Lions Gate Portal Is Here | Everything You Need to Know

lions gate portal activation

Today, 8/8 is the Galactic New Year, an auspicious day which heralds in the full activation of the Lions Gate Portal Activation.

This marks the day when the sun in the fiery sign of Leo aligns with the star Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky and is in direct correlation with Orion’s Belt).

You are reading this right now and you are probably saying internally, “Katie…WTF are you talking about and why does this matter?” Well, I have news for you. The Lions Gate Portal Activation matters big time and I am here to tell you why and how to use the Lions Gate Portal energies to manifest your grandest and most magical fucking life.

If you are ready to use the Lions Gate Portal energies, take a gander at this video that I created for you…

In this video you will learn the following in detail about The Lions Gate Portal Activation:

  • How to bring your dreams into reality
  • Why it is imperative to let go of old programming
  • Installing new Ambitchious programming into the subconscious mind
  • Ascension symptoms and what they feel like
  • Optimism and things looking up are the themes of this portal opening
  • You are limitless and the only one who is holding you back is you

The three most important things to do to go to the next level during The Lions Gate Portal activation are…

  • Writing down all of the things you are grateful for and then feeling the feeling of gratitude
  • Write down all of the things that you desire to achieve in great detail
  • Then write down all of the things you must do to become the person who attains these goals dreams and aspirations

I would love for you to share over on the Ambitchious App your Gratitude List, Goal List and What You Must Do To Attain These Things List during the Lions Gate Portal Activation.

I mentioned three very important teaching tools that I have used in becoming more and more Ambitchious everyday, as well as one I created myself on this video. Here they are…

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a note at checkout when you purchase your copy of Ambitchious, letting me know who I can write a special note to inside the cover.

Stay Ambitchious,
Katie M.F. Boyd

Stay Ambitchious,