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Five Ways to Find Your Soul Sister Community

Over the weekend I was invited to my soul sister and mentor’s home, Lorna Sleeper Brunelle for a pool party and long-awaited mistressmind chat. 

Five Ways to Find Your Soul Sister Community 1

Lorna has been my mentor, teacher and an inspirational divine-feminine figure for me since 1995.

I was 14 years old and was one of her first students at the world-renowned Burtwood School of Performing Arts in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

This is actually one of the reasons I know that a soul sister community and long-term mentorship relationship is so important for every woman of every age because if it wasn’t for our relationship both working and personal I know I would not be the success I am today. 

Anywho…I was sitting around her reclaimed wood farm table with some of the most powerful  and courageous ladies I have ever met:

Soul Sister Community

Andrea Perron who is the author of the House of Darkness, House of Light Trilogy and the movie, The Conjuring.

Jennifer Vaughn author of When the Demons Come, Made In Hollywood and several other incredible novels.

And of course, Lorna Sleeper Brunelle, author of Dirty Bombshell and The Bouy Projects

We then Facetimed our soul sister from Martha’s Vineyard, Maureen Hancock, author of The Medium Next Door for some advice on television appearances. 

It was a trip. We were creating programs, planning events for women to come together, learn and be inspired as well as philanthropic endeavors to help children experience the performing arts who may not have the financial means, as well as set up scholarships for young people in our names.

In that moment spirit spoke to me. Like I was living the dream I had always kept close to my heart. The moment I knew I actually “made it” was right there in that room. 

And it had nothing to do with money, fame or notoriety. It was all about being surrounded and inspired by like-minded women who were doing the absolute most. In that moment, the stars aligned and I knew I had energetically arrived.

Soul Sister Community

Soul Sister Community

The reason I am writing this is not to brag about how cool my bitches are. Even though the are ‘wicked cool’ as we say in Massachusetts. 

It is to urge you to find community and surround yourself with likeminded, powerful women because the conversation is so fucking different. No gossip, no judgement – just big dreams being flung around. 

And because I am a bitch who practices what she preaches, I want to share with you my Top Five Ways to Find Your Soul Sister Community …. or what we refer to in Ambitchiousland as The Bitcherhood.

5 Ways to Find Your Soul Sister Community

Get Curious

When you are looking to find new peeps you have to go into the relationship with absolutely no preconceived notions or selfish agendas. Ask about their lives, their stories and really put effort into the recon work. 

Join a Community or Mistressmind/Mentorship

Communities like this have formal rules and agendas to help take each and every member to the next level. The support you receive from groups like this as well as the lifelong friendships are something sacred and should be cherished. I mean 30 years later and I am still part of my mentors life in every way shape and form.

Take the First Step

If you desire a real community of like minded, non-judgemental and supportive women then you have to be the navigator of that new world.  No one is going to show up on your doorstep out of the blue asking to be your friend. People are always deeply desiring the community but never are the ones to forge the relationship and then complain about being surrounded by a bunch of assholes, judgmental fuckfaces and dream killers. Give what you desire first and then watch your sisterhood bloom. 

Proactively Support

This can be anything from direct messaging another Ambitch who you vibed with on the Ambitchious App to setting up a lunch date, coffee, drinks or a hike. It can also be sharing whatever they are selling on your social media, to word of mouth or being a cheerleader for them. It is called symbiosis. 

Keep it Growing

As you evolve and up level being the HBIC you have come to be, so should the people who you surround yourself with. I am not advising you to jump from coach to coach, mentor to mentor or community to community. I am suggesting that you have many different aspects of friendship, support and sisterhood as your can to keep things constantly ascending.

Now please ask yourself: Do you feel like you are truly connected to an incredible and supportive community? Why or why not? If it is a “why not” then I would like you to ask yourself if you are also being supportive, and are you trying your best to create and curate these incredibly sacred sisterhoods? 

If the honest answer is no, then you know what to do…

Five Ways to Find Your Soul Sister Community 2

And if you are truly desiring some deeper Ambitchious work and connections, then one of my Ambitchious programs is for you, like A28P, Bitchapalooza, Ambitchious Academy or a V.I.B Day… 

Stay Ambitchious,