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Contest Flyer


Have you ever dreamed of having all of your pageant expenses paid for and then some? Have you ever thought to yourself, if I could just afford to work with the best and have the best that would be my winning advantage? Does the cost of pageantry sometimes scare you and you really want to compete but when your logical side takes over you just cannot fathom going into debt trying to compete? Well, now your dreams are becoming reality. Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club and some of the best in the business have come together and sponsored the ultimate winning package.This is the first contest like it in pageant history. The best thing, there is no competition. NO judgement, no subjectivity. Just and even playing field with great odds to win. All you have to do to enter is be either and in house or virtual training client of Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club and sign a 12 month agreement of $149 recurring upon the beginning of this journey and during our Miss Fit Contest one girl will be chosen randomly, almost like the lottery, to be the first ever Miss Fit Contest winner. If chosen you will receive a prize package that is now valued at 70,000 dollars. That is clothing,gown, shoes, hair, makeup, nutrition, personal training, interview coaching, walking lessons and much much more. We will even pay for your entry fee into your next step state pageant. Entries must be made by February 28th 2015 to be eligible to compete int his contest. date of the Miss Fit Contest will be updated shortly and will be in late August/early September.


Once the initial payment is made the contest participant must email with a list of her any and all food allergies, what she is currently eating now, her current workout plan and her before pictures in something that shows off her body. For example a swimsuit or workout shorts and a sports bra front, side and back. Upon receiving this information Katie will email the said participant and connect with her on what to do going forward and will customize a meal, workout and supplement plan for her so that the said participant can start working on the goals set by Katie Boyd Babine.


The undersigned promises to pay the amount budgeted in 12 equal monthly installments of $149 the first monthly installment is on the initial start date of program purchase and all subsequent installments on each consecutive month to be paid directly to Pay Pal until paid in full.


After the initial term agreement, Miss Fit Contest Clients will pay month to month. A thirty day notice is required in writing to cancel month to month payments.

Payments will also be cancelled upon the chance that the said client is chosen the winner of the Miss Fit Contest.

By clicking the purchase button you agree and understand the terms and agreement above.