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After being in the top 15 for 4 years I knew I needed a change. I reached out to Monica in hopes that working with her would be the push that I needed to get to the top. Meeting with her was so eye opening, she gave me her honest opinion about everything and it was everything I needed to hear to understand why I wasn’t reaching the crown. During my sessions with her I realized that I had been taught to do things that were not myself and she really let me be myself and bring out the best of me. On my 5th time I finally won the crown of Miss Massachusetts USA and Monica was one of the reasons why. I am forever grateful to her for helping me reach my dream!

Polikseni Manxhari, Miss Massachusetts USA 2015 

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Monica is not only an incredible coach, but she is also a great friend, mentor and life guru. After meeting with Monica for the first time, I felt that she truly listened to me and was able to hone in on my strengths and weaknesses as a competitor.

Her approach was very collaborative and individualized. She never compared me to other people and always focused on helping me become the best version of myself. She took the information I gave her and helped me find the best way to market myself. 

It’s helpful to learn from someone who has competed herself, and Monica is not only a former Miss CT USA (and Miss USA semifinalist,) but she’s also a talented businesswoman, gluten-free guru, blogger and more! Monica draws on all of her experiences both inside and outside the pageant world to help shape you into the best contestant you can be. 

Meeting with Monica was so convenient! She accommodated my schedule and was able to meet at Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club, where I worked out. She was always available to answer a last minute text and always checked in to make sure everything was going smoothly. I am so thankful for her guidance and for helping me improve upon my placement from last year (4th runner up) to 3rd runner up!

Cara Lemire, 3rd runner up, Miss Massachusetts USA 2015

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I entered my first pageant with my mind set on one goal- to win the crown.  With no formal coaching I did not know what to expect.  I placed as a semi-finalist in the Top 15 but knew that I needed the help of a coach in order for me to reach my goal. 
 I researched local coaches and was impressed by Monica’s background so I approached her about training me for Miss Massachusetts USA. As a former title holder I valued her opinion . At our first meeting she made me feel comfortable and made our session all about ME!  She worked with me discover my best self and through our sessions I developed not only as a pageant girl, but as a confident, goal-oriented young woman.  Outside of our sessions she was easily accessible and expressed genuine interest in my story.  She worked with me to improve my interview skills, walk and overall self.  With her guidance I placed as a finalist- a significant improvement from the year before!  Although I did not walk away with the crown, I did succeed in my mission to be the best version of myself.  What I learned from Monica will help me succeed well beyond the realm of pageantry.

Amanda Soucy, 2nd runner up, Miss Massachusetts USA 2015

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I knew Monica was different from anyone I had ever worked with when she told me she would help me craft my story and shape me like “the beautiful layers on a cake.”

It’s hard to describe the indelible mark Monica has made on me, both as a coach, a mentor and friend. You are immediately drawn to her warm personality, and she goes above and beyond for all of the women that she
works with. During pageant season, Monica puts everything aside to ensure her clients are well prepared in all aspects, and come together as a unique, beautiful confident candidate for a prestigious title.

Monica brings her business acumen to the pageant landscape, something that I feel is very unique in the space. With years and a breadth of experience training others in public speaking and presence, Monica ensured that everything from my walk to my onstage question and interview were
impeccable without sounding scripted. From teaching me little tricks, to ensuring I brought my most salient and interesting points to the forefront, Monica, to put it simply, just gets it.

Monica is organized, efficient and caring, and I would not have made top 5 at Miss Maine USA without her. Looking at how I felt going into interview previously vs with Monica is like night and day. I knew how to “own” the interview, get my key points across, while still letting my authentic
personality shine through. My onstage question felt like a dream, and I truly owe that to Monica. She is unparalleled, and I take all the skillsshe has taught me into the “real world,” and know that I am better for it.

Annie Jean Baptiste, 3rd runner up, Miss Maine USA 2015

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