For years when I was competing I tanned in a tanning booth. I was, well, some would say… Tanorexic. I had two tanning packages at two different salons. In the morning I would tan at one then at night I would tan at the other, I was…ummmm….chocolaty. Now looking back at it I looked like Magda from There is Something About Mary…


Nothing looks better on stage while competing in swimsuit than a healthy glow…it makes you look ten pounds thinner, accentuates your muscles and well…ya know what they say? If you can’t tone it tan it!


Tanning is even great for woman of African American or Latina backgrounds. It makes them look rich, healthy and supple. Don’t be afraid!
Nowadays Custom Airbrush Tanning is the only way to go. Back when I was competing they had nothing like it. Just crude, smelly, orangey foam, lotion etc…it was ugly and gross.  You would just rather risk tanning in a booth instead of getting laughed off the stage looking like an Oompa Loompa.


Now, we are so lucky and blessed to have Norvell Custom Organic Airbrush Tanning Solution and an expert (ahem) me to do it to it! So If you are doing it for a special occasion like a wedding or party, a pageant or just shaking your ass up in da club  Airbrush tanning is the only way and I will tell you why.


This Blog will answer everyone of your questions about pre, during and post tanning~
~Here We Go~
Norvell is a not just a tan but a healthy skin treatment as well. This skin firming formula builds and restores the skin’s matrix reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This formula is also a highly concentrated antioxidant blend which combats daily skin damage.
Norvell is not orange, streaky or drying of the skin.
Girl, I have seen some crazy spray tans in my day. I have also had girls get spray tans from other Airbrush Tanners because it was “cheaper” Well, I guess you get what you pay for. Especially if you are competing with this tan, it is you skin for God Sakes…what people see…especially when you are competing in swimsuit. Don’t skimp at the end.


Here are you directions for you Norvell Custom Airbrush Tan
~24 to 48 Hours Prior to Receiving Your Tan~
Exfoliate…exfoliate…exfoliate… I cannot stress the importance of this step. I like to scrub with exfoliating mittens ( you can puck them up at Rite Aide or CVS) and a pH balance soap. Avoid bar soaps, Dove is the only bar soap I allow and it works well for pH Balancing. Do not use Dial, Irish Spring Ivory…it will throw off the PH Balance of you skin and you will turn orange. At KBMFC I do sell prep soap and ph balancing spray and they are for sale at KBMFC.  Do not use any soap that has moisturizers or oil because it will impede the uptake and saturation of the tan, in lay mans terms your tan won’t stick…


Hair Removal~ shave, wax or Nair everything before your tan..do not wax then come to get a tan because the wax has oil in it and will again impede the uptake of the tanner. Tame your bush before you see me please. Do not shave, wax or Nair after because it will exfoliate your tan right off. You have been warned. Also get your nails pedi and mani done before. Again, the scrubbing and massaging part will rub your tan right off. Use your heads kids…


~Day of Session~
Do not create any barriers on the skin~avoid applying any thing onto the skin that can act as a barrier like moisturizer, lotions, acne cream, makeup, deodorant and wear the baggiest and darkest clothes there and home that you can find. Do not come to me in white skinny jeans and expect Spray Tan Miracles! You will get an eye roll from me… No Bra, No undies! You are more than welcome to wear them to me but do not dare to put them on afterwards…let it all be free!
I wouldn’t shower for 24 hours to really let the tanning fluid saturate. That means sleeping with your spray tan. If you are a night sweater it will come off on your clothes…I have had spray tan massacres in my bed…wear baggy clothes and sleep with a dark colored towel on your pillow. But do not fret if you get some solution on your sheets, pillow cases etc…the Norvell Tan solution is water soluble.
Pageant tanning Times~ if you have a competition on a Saturday and Sunday I would always tan on a Thursday. Do not tan too far out because your tan will not be fresh enough for an up close competition. Tanning 48 hours before your pageant or competition is the best idea.
~Immediately After your Tan and Tips~
After the tanning solution is applied you will be dried with a hose throwing off warm air, then I would wait about 5 minutes before carefully dressing. When you leave be careful of your car. Watch where you place your seat belt. I have had tanning/seat belt accidents where the seat belt scratched the entire tan off from one of my girl’s chest.
If it is raining please bring an umbrella, poncho whatever you can use to protect yourself from going in and out of the car to the gym and visa versa.


No working out or sweating for 24 hours until after you shower…don’t even think about it.
Lashes, if you go to Aiyanna and get lashes please get your full set or fill after your tan…I don;t want to ruin all her heard work by spraying you in the face and all your lashes just fall off.


Shower~ in my opinion I would not shower until 24 hours later. When you shower do not exfoliate or use hot water. Hot water acts as a pressure washer and will take your tan off quicker. Instead just soap up with body wash and use tepid water to wash your bum.
After Care~I always use a moisturizer with a tint of self tanner. Jergen’s Lotion with Tanning tint Medium to Tan is the best you can get out on the market. I sell one at KBMFC that is awesome as well. I would use it immediately after my first shower. This will prolong the life of your tan.
~Frequently Asked Questions~
How long will my tan last~ The Longevity of you tan will depend on the skin’s natural exfoliating process and how well you take care of your skin post tanning application.  The life span of you tan depends on your own skin’s turn over rate.I have experienced at least a week before the tan starts to fade.  If you follow my rules it will last at least 7 days.
How long should I wait after my tan before I shower: I would wait 24 hours. That will really ensure the tan sticking. If you don’t listen to me and shower before don’t be mad if your tan isn’t as dark as you think it would be.
Will the bronzer from the tan rub off and stain my clothes~ whatever is extra that your skin has not absorbed yes it will rub off. That is why I say wear baggy dark clothes and stuff you could care less about.
Will I turn Orange~not with Norvell and me spraying you…but you also need to listen to tricks and tips as far as PH Balancing your skin pre and post tan.
How can I prevent patchy or uneven wear off~ your tan will wear off more in different areas of your body.

Like creases of the arms, behind the k news, in between your boobies and groin area. Mostly where it is more oily. Using a moisturizer with a self tanning tint and as your tan wears off using your mittens and a salt scrub that will help keep it all even so you don;t look  diseased as  your spray tan wears off.

Matching your makeup~ I would go two-three shades darker in your foundation then get a good facial bronzer~ Rita at Chanel in Copley can help you with this
Derma Blend~ same thing with derma blend for scars and tattoos….same thing as your foundation, two-three shades darker then blend with brozer.


Custom Air Brush Tanning is the only way to go! The End! Please inquire and book your tan now! Happy Tanning!