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Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club is a Classy, Boutique All Women’s Gym
We are open to Women of all Ages, Shapes and Sizes including the Pageant Girls, to Suburban Housewives to Yummy Mommy’s!
We offer Boxing, TRX Training Classes, Boot Camps Daily & One on One Sessions with all of our Trainers. We also specialize in Air Brush tanning!



Do you love to be in a room of like-minded, driven and successful women, all looking to make their physiques long and lean? Then you’ve come to the right place. KBMFC offers incredible classes ranging from HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), yoga sculpt, TRX Navy Seal Suspension Training, Zumba, POUND, kickboxing, and much, much more. This includes your initial one on one where Katie customizes a meal plan and takes inventory of your weight, measurements, body fat and sets short term and long term goals for your future success in fitness.

12-month agreement- 159 a month (includes an introductory 1-hour visit with Katie, $200 value)
12- month agreement- 259 a month (includes a monthly one on one, $200 value)



So you’ve gave it all you got, months or mind blowing workouts, grueling cardio sessions and hard core meal prep, you are going to compete but you have no idea how to strut your stuff. Well, leave it up to Katie. With over 30 years of competition experience you can own the stage and take the crown like the Queen you are. Stage presence is what wins in the end. Let Katie help you look show off your winning physique by sealing the deal with that stage game.

100 dollar per session or you can buy sessions up front to save.

5 Sessions~400$ (save 100)
10 Sessions~750 (save 250)
20 Sessions~1650 (save 350)



Have you always wanted to train with Katie Boyd but just live too far away or you never seem to find the time in your busy schedule to get to KBMFC or for any gym for that matter? Well, the future of fitness is at your finger tips. With one click of a button you can have Katie streaming her no fuss workouts (in all her glory) on your laptop or smart phone. Virtual training is a cutting edge fitness modality that will give you the same results that you would get if you had the chance to train in Katie’s fitness facility. Katie not only customizes every meal plan (which changes monthly) gives you a convenient shopping list, an E-Book full of recipes, here famous depletion plan for that special day, fitness competition or pageant but she also has tons of videos that she herself has filmed in the “Pink Prison” and they will be available to view with one click of a button. Skype and Facetime are also available to help you feel extra supported and loved. Once in a while you just need some “Katie Time”. If social media is your thing Katie also has a private member’s only Facebook Page where she posts her own recipes, workouts, inspiration and you can ask any questions that you have and post your own recipes and workouts to help inspire other Miss Fits! Katie Has 4 different options to choose from. KBMFC Virtual Training Offers 1 month packages for that girl who has something important to get ready for or just needs a little boost all the way up to 3 and six month programs for the lady who needs a little bit more support and time to reach her goals all the way up to 1 year plans and over! Don’t hesitate on becoming a Miss Fit even if you live across the pond or down under! Now is your chance to transform into the magical unicorn that you were meant to be.

1 Month~250
3 Months~179 a month (every month for three consecutive months)
6 Months~159 a month (every month for six consecutive months)

12 Months~149 a month (every month for 12 consecutive months)

After the Virtual training is up it will go to a month to month membership where a 30 day cancellation notice must be emailed to

After the term of the Virtual Training Program is completed, payments will continue month to month until a 30-day notice of cancellation is submitted in writing to or via USPS to 1 Winn Ave Hudson, NH 03051

E.g. If a notice is received on June 3rd and the next date of payment is June 5th, June 5th will be the client’s last payment, allowing 30 days for the notice of cancellation to be processed.


Virtual Training Skype/ Facetime Sessions
Added on to Virtual or In-House Memberships

Sometimes adding an extra Skype or Facetime session is just what you need to feel reinvigorated. We all get down, bored and feel unmotivated, even the best of the best. A one-on-one is sometimes just what the doctor ordered to snap back into the right mindset to continue to reach for the stars and smash your goals!

30 mins- $100


3 Month Virtual

3 Month Virtual Agreement

3 Month Virtual Plus

3 Month Plus Virtual Agreement

6 Month Virtual

6 Month Virtual Agreement

6 Month Virtual Plus

6 Month PLUS Virtual Agreement

12 Month Virtual

12 Month Virtual Agreement

12 Month Virtual Plus

12 Month Virtual Plus Agreement



Are you lucky enough to be able to train one on one with Katie at KBMFC? If training one on one is more your style we have 5 different options for you to choose from. These sessions include body fat analysis, weight and measurements, along with goal setting and day to day life coaching. You will receive a customized meal plan that changes every 4 weeks in addition to a hard core, take-no-prisoners 1-hour workout session specifically designed to meet your personal goals. No cookie cutter, boring workout routines here! At KBMFC, we make you sweat Swarovski and grunt glitter!

1 Sessions- $200
5 sessions- $950 ($50 savings)
10 Sessions- $1850 ($150 savings)
15 Sessions- $2700 ($300 savings )
20 Sessions- $3400 ($600 savings)

So you’ve given it all you got, months or mind blowing workouts, grueling cardio sessions and hardcore meal prep. You are going to compete, but you have no idea how to strut your stuff. Well, leave it up to Katie. With over 30 years of competition experience, you can own the stage and take the crown like the queen you are. Stage presence is what wins in the end. Let Katie help you show off your winning physique by sealing the deal with that stage game.

1 Session – $100
5 Sessions- $400 (save 100) 20% discount = one free session
10 Sessions- $750 (save 250) 25% discount = 2 1/2 free sessions
20 Sessions- $1650 (save 350) 17.5% discount = 3 1/2 free sessions



Most of the time, the reason why people don’t fully achieve their physical and health related goals is because their body, mind and spirit are not working symbiotically. I can give you the best workouts and meal plans available but if you are thinking self defeating thoughts, have no self esteem and are playing a negative thought loop in your mind then you will never truly be the winner you were born to be. Sometimes changing your thoughts and mind are as easy as a few sessions spent peeling the spiritual onion and figuring out and then embracing what is holding you back from being the bad ass that you are meant to be. These spiritual healings include Life Coaching sessions, learning how to meditate so that you manifest all that you desire while promoting stress release and well being, to cutting energetic ties to people and experiences that have hurt you and are now holding you back to a Spirit day where everyone comes together to spiritually go to the next level of greatness. This is the one thing most trainers do not know about and do not make the direct association with. That is way their clients don’t fully ever reach their full potential. Free yourself and liberate your true authentic self so you can start living the life you have always dreamt of.

Life Coaching~200
Chord Cutting~100
Fire Ceremony~100
Spirit Day~50