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Caroline LunnyI’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Katie Boyd is a goddess magician. I knew I had to train with Katie because she is the best at what she does, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best because I wanted the crown… and with Katie Boyd’s help, I got it! I had never felt more healthy and beautiful than I did while competing for Miss Massachusetts USA 2014. Going into pageant weekend knowing your body is tight, toned and tanned (Thanks again for the sun kissed cheeks!) allows you to leave any negativity at the door and go in being your best, confident self. I worked my buns off (literally!) to get the body I have, but I wouldn’t have known my behind from my elbow if it wasn’t for Katie Boyd pushing me everyday. She is so much more than a personal trainer– she has was too many hysterical stories up her sleeve (I burnt almost as many calories laughing as I did with the work outs!), taught me so much about the value of meditation and cleansing, she is a great listener, and an amazing friend. I am so grateful for the chance to have my butt kicked in the pink prison, I owe Katie everything. I have no fear going into Miss USA, I have Katie Boyd on my side and I have complete faith that she will help me have the body I need to take on the universe!

Thanks for always pushing me to be my best self and never letting me settle for anything less than I deserve. I’d be lost, fat and miserable without you, Katie.

Caroline Lunny – Miss Mass USA 2014


regan-elizabeth-hartleyNo one quite understands the level of commitment, dedication, and hard work that goes into the art of pageantry like Katie Boyd does. As I prepared to compete for the title of Miss Massachusetts USA 2014, it was imperative that I felt my very best physically, emotionally and spiritually. Katie helped to give me the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle equipped with a six week nutrition plan that was unique towards my body type and goals. I have noticed a significant change in my overall understanding of nutrition and physical fitness thanks to Katie. I cannot thank her enough for helping me find my physical, emotional and spiritual balance and for making me look my very best when I walked across that stage!

Regan Elizabeth Hartley


Sally-MeehanThis year I competed in Miss Massachusetts USA. Not only was it my first time doing Miss Mass, it was my first pageant ever. Working with Katie truly made my experience. I have always been very physically fit and work really hard year round on my body, but training at Katie’s gym added a level of camaraderie and friendly competition that enriched my workouts and kept me motivated. When it came to nutrition and mental preparation however, Katie helped me to step up my game hugely and really impacted my life for the better.
She provided me and all of the other girls with a space to train that pushes you physically while settling you mentally and emotionally. I began meditating for the first time and her constant guidance and friendship helped me to not only settle my nerves but reach a calmness and level of preparedness I never would have reached without her. Knowing that Katie was always a text away was a life saver in the last couple of weeks before the pageant when I was trying to get my body, mind, dress alterations and butt glue all in line to compete at my best. With her help I was able to place in the top 15, felt way more involved in the pageantry world than I did before, and got in to the best shape of my life. Thank you Katie. You truly are the best.

Sally Meehan


Carmen-BerlinerMy experience with Katie Boyd and her miss fit club began this past September. After competing in a couple of pageants, I decided it was time to get serious. Who better than to contact than the best in the business, Ms. Katie Boyd? After being welcomed in to the pink prison with open arms and attending some classes including a boot camp, I fell in love with Katie and her gym. About a month before competing in the Miss Massachusetts USA 2014 Pageant, Katie provided me with a personalized workout and meal plan. After being in the gym months prior to working with Katie, I had never seen such results in such little as a month. I have been continually impressed with Katie Boyd not only for her persistence in physically preparing me, but also preparing me mentally. Katie stresses the importance of a positive attitude in all aspects of life: a unique characteristic in a trainer if you ask me. I am beyond grateful that Katie Boyd has taken me on as a client and taken me in as a friend. Her experiences have shaped her into an outstanding master of her craft.

Carmen Berliner


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comTraining with Katie Boyd in preparation for Miss Massachusetts USA was the best decision that I made during pageant prep, hands down. Her ability to make you look and (more importantly) feel beautiful, confident and fit comes easily for her, and without her guidance and support, I would have never been a contender in the pageant, nor would I have had the confidence to walk in a bikini in heels on a stage in front of hundreds of people. She works tirelessly for her girls, creating unique meal plans for each individual, motivating them with words of wisdom, and supporting them the entire road to the pageant. Katie has a way to make fitness fun, integrating humor and socializing while sweating and working your butt off. She knows what she is doing; down to the spray tan  Of all of the preparations that went into the pageant, Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club was the one decision I find to be the most positive and worthwhile of them all. Thank you Katie Boyd!

Alexandra Mack


annie-jean-baptisteWhen I first started going to Katie, I truly did not know what to expect. I had just competed in my first pageant, and had not been prepared for the whirlwind that it was. It was safe to say I needed an expert to whip me into shape. Katie was immediately warm, hilarious and helped cultivate a meal plan that would get me in tip top shape. As a former all-league athlete and a dancer, I was used to not having to worry about what I ate. After college and beginning a new job, I gained 40 pounds over 6 years. Katie has helped me not only drop that weight and more, but has helped me see that what I put into my body is the fuel that can propel me to success, not only in pageants, but in everything else. A year later, Katie is so much more than a trainer to me. She customizes a plan holistically for each woman, taking into account body, mind and spirit. Katie cultivates strong women, who prioritize health and fitness, and are strong inside and out. It is a true testament to who Katie is as a person that so many women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds are loyal to Katie’s method. She is an expert in the field, and has completely revolutionized the way I think about eating, wellness, and fitness. Being thin is not the end goal: being strong, confident and healthy is always her focus, something I felt was truly unique and a big key to why women flock to Katie. More importantly, everyone who comes into Katie’s gorgeous gym feels like a friend. Katie has an infectious quality about her that makes you immediately trust her. More than helping me get into the best shape of my life ( as a 3 season former athlete and dancer this is quite a feat), Katie is a life-long friend and mentor. I actually go through withdrawal when I have not been to the gym in a while, because I miss her hilarious stories, and her tough love workouts. Katie helps you grow from the inside out, introducing meditation, 1 on 1 check ins, and a myriad of other tactics, for each person to feel centered and empowered after leaving her gym. I know that through each important stage of my life,long after pageants are over, I will go to Katie for support and a rocking body!
-Miss Earth USA best in Swimsuit, Miss Maine USA 2014 Best in Style
-Miss Maine USA 2014 2nd Runner Up

Annie Jean-Baptiste


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comTraining with Katie Boyd was one of the most important aspects of my pageant preparation for Miss MA Teen USA and I am forever grateful for her support and guidance throughout the training process. Katie knew exactly what my body needed both internally and externally and provided me with the perfect meal plan and workout regimen. After having worked one on one with Katie, I was skeptical about virtually training, thinking I wouldn’t be motivated or get the attention I needed; but Katie proved me entirely wrong. Katie effectively whipped me into shape through my computer screen, keeping me motivated, inspired, and laughing throughout the whole process, and I felt just as confident with my preparations and progress as I would have seeing her in person- that’s just how amazing she is! With Katie’s expertise, I was able to place in the Top 15 and I know that without her help I would not have felt nearly as prepared and confident on-stage during the competition as I did. I am so lucky to have Katie in my life as an amazing trainer, supporter, and friend. Thank you for everything Katie!

Brianna Borghi


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comWhen prepping your body – and mind – for an onstage competition like Miss Massachusetts USA, there is no one else to go to but Katie Boyd. During my time of preparation, Katie believed in me and held me accountable to my goals. Ultimately, I gave my best performance yet this past year, placing as 3rd Runner-Up in Miss Massachusetts USA 2014, and I could not have done it without the confidence I gained by understanding my body and maintaining a peaceful and focused mindset. Katie Boyd is a trainer who gets to know your mind, body and soul when preparing you for your goals. She seeks to understand your likes, dislikes and what motivates you before designing a plan that will ultimately have you looking and feeling like your best self. It takes much determination to set your mind and change your lifestyle, but Katie guides you through the entire process – without charging extra for the mental breakdown or mistaken cheat day in between. I’ve never experienced such a holistic approach to getting in the best shape of my life, and could not have conquered a 30+ pound weight loss without her constant guidance, motivation, and reminders to love myself and my goals. They say no one knows a body like Katie Boyd – and it is the TRUTH! Her best weapon is her no-nonsense attitude, combined with kick-butt workouts and food secrets to die for! When Katie holds the mirror up, you can’t look away – she tells it like it is and will have you laughing throughout your entire journey (because it burns more calories that way!).

-3rd Runner-Up, Miss Massachusetts USA 2014
-Top 15, Miss Massachusetts USA 2012

Gina D. Lewis


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comWorking with Katie Boyd was truly an amazing experience. She made me feel very good about my body and very confident on stage. She is just like another sister to me, or even a mother. I feel like I could tell her anything because she is so easy to talk to. I love training with her and I wish I could every single day. She could help me achieve my dream of one day becoming Miss Massachusetts teen USA. This was my third year doing the pageant but my first year training with Katie. She taught me very well what to do and I could not be more thankful to have someone like her in my life. Thank you Katie so much xoxo

Julia Durbecks


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comI came to the Miss Fit Club late in the game. Katie was so nice to take me on and help me with the last few things I need to get ready for the pageant. She knew that I need to tweak a few things and she had no problem helping me with those things. I came to her studio and she sat me down and was really honest with what it was I had to do. Katie went through everything with me step by step. She really went into detail on what my food plan would be, which products to use. Katie even went into detail on my exercise. Even though I go to school in another state she was still able to help me and send me virtual exercise workouts. Katie is more than just a trainer to me she became my friend and really helped me through my process for Miss Mass USA. I feel like Katie really believed in me and saw that I made progress from where I was when I met her till now. To this day I still keep in contact with Katie and she checks up on me to make sure how I’m doing. I just want to say thank you to Katie for all the work that you have done it has been a great experience to work with you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Jaimie Edo


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comKatie Boyd has been more than just a trainer: She’s been a mentor, a friend, and a constant source of guidance and motivation. With Katie’s help, I placed in the top 11 at Miss MA America, and placed 4th runner up at Miss MA USA. I couldn’t have achieved this without her expertise and guidance. Her customized workout/meal plans were instrumental in shaping my body. The workouts were fun, easy to understand and incredibly effective. I loved that I was able to take my workout plan just about anywhere. It was also fun to attend bootcamp and yoga/meditation classes as a way to supplement my at-home workouts. Leading up to Miss MA USA, I was at just about every class, every day, giving it my all.

Working out at KBMFC is so much fun: I love the atmosphere and everyone is incredibly nice and supportive. Katie always entertains us with awesome stories and her hilarious sense of humor. Most importantly, while working with Katie, I feel healthy, strong and confident. I got into the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks to Katie! Katie cares deeply for her clients and is always there for a motivational pep talk or to teach you how to meditate. She has a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, making sure that your body is in great shape, but that your mind is also in great shape too! Thank you for everything, Katie!

Cara L


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comThank you so much to Katie Boyd. She not only trained me for the Miss Massachusetts Teen USA beauty pageant she was also like a big sister to me. I would go from school to my cheer practice then straight to Katie and she would always put a smile on my face. Katie not only got me into the best physical fitness I have ever been in she also helped me mature and really decide what I want to do with my life. She got me more connected with my inner self through meditation. Not only did she train me but she was also a coach and a mentor. She helped me plan out my outfits for the whole weekend and how to wear my hair and makeup. While training with Katie my body became so toned but it all happened in such a healthy way. I was eating more food than I ever had before. I was losing weight and getting ready for my pageant the healthy way. I could not give enough gratitude to Katie for everything that she has done for me. She truly is an inspiration and I could not of gone through this without her. Love you Katie!

Mikayla Murphy


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comPerfecting swimsuit and evening gown walks are an art, and Katie Boyd is an artist. In just one session Katie had me strutting down the runway with confidence and poise. With her coaching, I walked my way into one of the coveted spots in the top 5 at Miss Massachusetts USA. Katie’s help throughout my pageant journey went far beyond the runway. She provided me spiritual guidance and helped me maintain a clear mind while helping me reach my goals. After being diagnosed with a rare disease just months before the pageant, I had sidelined myself from competing. Katie encouraged me to not let my condition defeat me. As a side effect of my condition I was left with many scars to the skin on my arms and legs which i felt hurt any chance I had of becoming the beauty queen I hoped to be. Because of Katie’s expert spray tanning technique, these damages to my skin were unnoticeable. I went in to the pageant beaming with confidence. I placed 2nd Runner Up in Miss MA USA, but feel like the true winner from all of the personal growth I achieved through working with Ms. Katie Boyd.


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comI competed in my first pageant in 2013. I decided to compete in the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant, but since I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I went to a trainer who is not well versed in pageants. She was wonderful in her own way; however, I was not pageant ready. The diet she had me on didn’t work for me in any way – I didn’t have any energy to workout. This past year, I went to Katie Boyd because when I met her last year during the pageant, I knew that she was the real deal. She had me on a clean, yet realistic diet that had me feeling not only energized to workout, but kept me feeling full throughout the day without feeling bloated or gassy like I had the year before. In addition to the diet plan, Katie’s workouts were incredible! Every single day, my muscles were sore, and I started seeing results almost immediately. As an avid runner, I was definitely skeptical when she told me that running wouldn’t be a big part of my routine, but I was pleasantly surprised that her workouts served me better than the treadmill ever had! Even more importantly than the diet and exercise plans that Katie provided, she was also an incredible support system. She was always available to chat, even via text, and always knew exactly what to say. She’s a true professional, but is also so down to earth and relatable at the same time! I know that I would not have been ready to grace the stage if it wasn’t for her. She’s hands down the only one to go to if you have a pageant or event to prepare for…the photos of all of the girls she trains should speak for themselves!


testimonials-bannerMiss Teen Massachusetts 2015 was my first pageant. I had no idea what the hell I was doing, until I met Katie. Growing I could never play sports or anything so I guess you could say pageantry became my sport. Wait let me rephrase that my life. And Katie became my guide. I will never forget how life at the pink prison has helped mold me into who I am today. Katie was the one who made dig deep into myself and figure out what it was that made me feel trapped. The truth is I was born early and had hydrophilis which caused me to have underdeveloped motor skills and lack of clarity in my left eye, so basically I can really only see clearly out of my right eye. I did not Katie this up front but after me getting frustrated because I could not get my body to do what it was supposed to do for the pageant walk the truth came out. Something I had never told anyone and grew up being embarrassed about. Honestly, it was one of the best decision I made in my life telling Katie. Because she helped me embrace myself.


Katie Boyd's Miss Club Hudson NH - www.kbmfc.comI began working with Katie Boyd in the last week of September ’14 to train for the Miss Massachusetts Pageant. I met Katie just 8 weeks shy of my competition. In just seven weeks I lost a total of 16 lbs. I went from 129 lbs to roughly 112-113 lbs when I competed (not completely sure on my exact competition weight as I did not have a scale pageant weekend). Katie designed a meal plan so specific to my body and my interests that it completely changed my body. My boyfriend, colleagues, and friends saw a noticeable difference within the first two weeks. I was introduced to Vegan plant based protein supplements that I have never used before and quickly fell in love with. I continue to use the supplements and the knowledge I gained from Katie to drive my food choices up until this current day. My Katie Body protein shake is sitting right next to me as I type this! Katie’s workout classes are a true motivator and body changer. Katie’s pound rockout workout makes working out feel like a fun night with your girls. The cardio routines, Pound, and yoga classes completely changed my body and gave me the results I had never been able to achieve with my own fitness classes. Prior to the pageant training I was doing a lot of Bikram yoga and running occasionally. Katie designed a new workout regimen and meal plan that changed my entire composition. I had never felt so strong and energized than I did using Katie’s meal plan and workout routines and even though my food was reduced my energy skyrocketed. I could tackle double workouts six days a week after four weeks into my program without batting a lash. Katie changed not only my body but she changed my life. I gained knowledge and expertise that will follow me for the rest of life and especially as I begin to follow my dream of a career in health and nutrition. Katie not only extends her time and energy towards each and every one of her clients but she also opens herself and her spiritual world to them as well. Working with Katie and the entire KBMFC crew is and was so amazing and changed my life in so many wonderful ways.


Pre Katie Boyd
Courtney-FaiellaThree years ago I competed in Miss Mass USA. I made my own meal and workout plan and used an old prom dress for evening gown. My meal plan consisted of eating very little and working out excessively, and although I reached my goal for the short term, the long term side effects it had on my body were unhealthy. Sluggish and fatigued, I felt awful. So awful that I didn’t enjoy pageant weekend. I lost perspective. I worked so hard to get where I was, but when I was there I felt too sick to socialize because my energy levels were nonexistent. After my year competing I decided to think about what I really wanted and put my objectives in perspective.
Finding myself:
I took a year off from Miss Mass USA and concentrated on school. I knew It was my dream, but the competition and contestants deserved my undivided attention and I wasn’t in a position to give 100% just yet. During my year off, I finished my degree in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse. I thought about competing that whole year, and when November came around and the pictures filled my Facebook news feed, I knew I caught the “pageant bug”. ( “pageant bug is when you compete in a pageant for the first time and forever become a pageant girl). If you have not competed yet chances are you don’t know what I am talking about but as soon as you do you will understand!
My Journey to becoming a Miss Fit:
I knew I wanted to compete but this time I was going to give it my ALL! I met Katie Boyd last year and my perspective on eating and exercising changed drastically. My “healthy” lifestyle was far from healthy. Just to give you an example, I would live on 100 calorie bagel thins, laughing cow cheese, and a black coffee with Splenda. I think the one thing that really put Katie of the edge was the Splenda!!!! Unhealthy and processed, Splenda is basically a poison! (I was constantly reminded of this) Katie taught me about clean, healthy eating and after just one week I felt like I had more energy. Furthermore my stomach did not have the bloated feeling that would daunt me after eating.
My exercise plan was tailored specifically to me, and although it took some time, within three weeks I could already see definition in my arms and legs. For 7 months I continued to utilize the workout plans tailored to my results. By show time I was done 20 pounds!
I drove to New Hampshire from Boston, to do both one to one workout sessions with Katie as well as group sessions. The “ pink prison” is a pageant girls dream . Entertaining, honest, and a pro in the pageant world, the one hour car ride was well worth the energy, confidence and motivation speeches I left the gym with.
Katie is more than a pro at the pageant world, she is also a friend and a mentor, and she truly cares about her miss fits. The anxiety you have as pageant week approaches, you can believe me when I say, she has more! Katie was also there for me through a personnel problem I went through before the pageant. In August I was bit by a dog and I didn’t think I was going to be able to compete. I lost motivation because my leg was in so much pain. Katie didn’t let me lose hope, in fact, she gave me more!!! I seriously considered getting a life size cut out of Katie for my house, purely for motivation!!
Post Pageant: Forever a Miss Fit.
Although I didn’t make top 15 at Miss Ma USA, I made life changes and became a better version of myself. Plus there is always next year to re compete!!!
So I leave you with this quote. “It better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles, then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angles, demons, heaven or hell (Buddha).
Courtney Faiella