Juice Cleanse

In my 32 years on this earth I have done some crazy things when it comes to diet and nutrition. Not until I was about 21 after extreme dieting for pageants, putting my body through hell with fat burners, toxic crude protein supplements and non pharmaceutical grade vitamins, I decided to take matters into my own hands and I did a 40 day water fast! I fasted on nothing but distilled water for 40 days! Sounds like something out of the Bible. But this experience was anything but holy! It was something that I did out of desperation, and it worked.I had a life altering experience . It made me the person and the trainer I am today. Would I ever do it again? Yes, but not for 40 days….maybe twenty. But, I would like to take the less harsh route and do a Juice Cleanse. If you are ready to take the next step towards ultimate health, happiness and freedom keep reading. If not, go eat a bag of Andy Capp’s Hot Fries and screw.

Oh, so I guess you decided to not screw. Great choice. I will now walk you through everything you need to know to do a successful and pain free (well, mostly) Juice Cleanse.The biggest downfall of any type of cleanse is not being prepared. I am going to give you all the fool proof ways to make this experience spiritual, enlightening and freeing. Any type of cleanse or fast is undoubtedly a huge life style change. You won’t be out hitting the bottle or even seeing people all that much unless you need to work, run errands or pick up kids from activities. You want to do this all in a well  controlled environment. Achieving the desired results requires a great deal of commitment. You will be around many temptations, whether it is food or drink. That is a given especially if you don’t live in a hermitage in the mountains. Instead of complaining about  your cleanse, make it a fun game of self control and a time out. You will be so proud of yourself and  you will see first hand what your body and mind can achieve when they work symbiotically. During the first few days of your cleanse it is totally normal to feel hunger pangs but after the second or third day it miraculously disappears. It is also normal to have discomfort because…Hello…we are creatures of comfort, duuuuhhhh….That’s what got is in the trouble in the first place. Just acknowledge this and move on. Don’t give too much mind energy on the feelings of discomfort. If you listen to me you will have an incredibly heightened sense of awareness when it comes to food after this experience.  What is really crazy is that you will realize how little we need to eat everyday to stay in shape and be healthy.  I came to the realization that we as people really do not require that much attention and things…like material things to be truly happy and joyful. If joy surrounds food (or even for some people it is a sexual experience when they eat) you have a food addiction. Most people in this country do and that is why we need to do these type or rituals for our bodies. Another cool thing I know now, after my Cleanse, is that you will gain a love for healthy whole foods since your taste buds will regenerate and an apple or a cucumber will actually taste delicious. Oh, and did I mention that weight loss will happen? That is just a small perk. Are you still with me or are the hot fries calling ya?

Ok, so get your big girl panties on and bear with me. This is a lot of information but everything is important.
Why Cleanse or Fast?
I know a lot of you die-hard protein freaks (yes, I am one of them too) are saying, “Just juice no protein? I am going to lose all my hard earned muscle.” Not true. Your body knows what to burn as fuel. Keep reading. When you are in a constant state of eating, digesting, and assimilating food the body goes through a serious energy suck. About 80% of your body’s energy goes to this process. When you stop this process you body can redirect its energy to fix other things. In a cleansing and fasting state the body will scour for dead cells, damaged tissues, fatty deposits, tumors, abscesses, etc. Your body will then use those for fuel, burning them up as waste. The elimination of these toxins will restore the immune system and the metabolic process to an optimum state. Everything that happens during this time is all about healing and restoration. If you are battling anything like acne, exhaustion, depression, colds, flu, obesity, etc, you will see a huge improvement if not a total clearing. This process is not only for your body, but for your mind and even your soul. 
You can do a 1 day, 3 day, one week, 2 week or even 30 days, which is the standard time in the Juice Cleansing World. If this is your first time, I would do a smaller cleanse for about 3 days to a week. Then, as you feel the experience and all it’s many benefits and think that you can go longer then do so, but take it one day at a time, like I always say!
OK, mas importante!
What Not To Do!
1. Do Not drink canned or bottled juices under any circumstances. They are void all of nutrition, have fillers, sugar and preservatives and are not allowed. Don’t even think about it, bitches!
2. Do Not wear lots of makeup or moisturize with heavy lotions, they are all poison. I am not kidding. 
3. Do Not be around food in mass quantities, just don’t put yourself through that, so if you have your daughters wedding this week it may not be a good idea to attempt to do a two week fast.
4. Do Not tell a lot of people abut this experience unless you want to help them. People will think you are cray! And that is OK..but hey…ya now what? You will be clean and they will stay toxic, not only with their bodies, but with their minds and thoughts.
5. When you have weak moments, and believe me you will, Do Not  beat yourself up over it. You are mourning a loss; the death of processed food and drink. You may ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”, “What is the point?” and that is all totally normal. You can get through these moments by redirecting your thoughts and body towards other activities such as meditation, exercise, picking up an old hobby you used to love like playing an instrument, singing, painting, drawing etc…
6. Never force yourself to exercise if you feel tired or dizzy or frankly, you just don’t want to. Light exercise is great for moving your lymphatic system, but you don’t want to be doing leg day with Ronnie Coleman!
7. Do Not look at this life as a  death sentence. Make this special, act like it is a vacation away from your normal crazy toxic life. I even like to drink my juice out of a fancy glass so it feels super special.
8. Never stop taking any types of medication on your cleanse. You must consult your doctor for any of these decisions. I know I call myself Dr. Boyd but this time won’t cut it.
9. Do Not eat any protein on your fast. If you start to fall apart do not eat/drink shakes, fish, chicken etc…especially not dairy.If you are going to cave, cave with a piece of watery fruit like grapes or melon.
10. Do Not mix melon juice with anything else but melon, except cucumbers which are part of the melon family, they can be added to any juice.
11. Do Not drink acidic fruit  juice like tomato or orange alone Mix with other juices because they can make tummy acid worse during a fast. So apple, orange, or tomato with cucumber, peppers, zucchini etc.
12. Do Not drink straight fruit juice. Dilute  juices with some kind of water especially if you are trying to lose weight or having a yeast over growth called Candida Albicans…most women have this issue regardless, especially in the United States. The sugar in the juice with cause an overgrowth so use fruit juices sparingly.
13. Try to stay away from caffeine. I am not going to lie, I still do one cup of coffee. If you are a coffee freak and drink it all day you will have withdrawal headaches which super suck but after a day you will get over it and the coffee addiction will just be mental.
14. Do Not juice a ton and leave it in the fridge for days. It will lose all of its nutrition. If you need to juice once in the morning and bring it to work do individual ball jars that have air tight lids and won’t let the precious vitamins escape.
What Health Conditions a Juice Cleanse Can Help
1. Allergies, of any kind from food to hay fever
2. Alzheimer’s
3. Angina
4. Atherosclerosis
5. Back and joint pain
6. Bronchitis
7. Bulimia
8. Constipation
9. Chrohn’s Disease
10. Liver and Gall Bladder Disease
11. Eczema
12. Fibroids
13. Cold, Flu, Fever
14. Chronic Strep
15. High Blood pressure
16. Insulin Resistance
17. Insomnia
18. Migraines
19. Obesity
20. Psoriasis
21. Acne
22. Skin Diseases
23. Respiratory diseases
24. Rheumatoid Arthritis
25. Ulcerative Colitis
Just to name a few. If you are struggling with something please email me or post a question on here. I would love to help.
Preparation for Your Juice Cleanse Vacation
1. Buy a juicer, I like the Jack Lalane, it’s cheap and does the job. Some of my clients like the Breville. It does not matter. Do not buy an expensive one. It is just a waste of money unless you plan on opening a Juice Bar after your cleanse.
2. Watch the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross. This movie is life changing and inspirational.  http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com
3. Go Grocery Shopping. The best place I think to shop and where I love to buy produce is at Trader Joe’s. They have bags of apples and other fruits and veggies you will need in bulk and they are more cost effective.
4. Be easy on yourself. Fasting/Cleansing can have its “tough times” so if you are really going to go Balls to the Wall with this then being good to yourself is key. If you feel tired or have headaches listen to your body. You need to rest. 
5. Meditate. This can be a truly spiritual experience if you allow it to be. If you want to know how I have classes at the Club a few times a week or I will be posting a meditation video on how to.
6. Exercise lightly. Cardio like brisk walking or light weights are fine. I wouldn’t be killing myself doing three boot camps in a row.

7. Drink one gallon of distilled water daily throughout the duration of your cleanse. Distilled water encapsulates the toxins being released and helps flush them out so they do not stay in your blood stream for long periods of times wreaking havoc on your emotions and health.

8. Juice a few times a day and if you are working during your cleanse. You need to juice in the morning and take your juice in air tight containers and keep them cold. Juice loses its power the more it is exposed to air.
9. Take Isagenix Cleanse for Life at least two times a day, at least 4-8 oz.
10. Take Isagenix Product B with Telomere Support 2 times a day to keep your vitamins, minerals and antioxidants high during this time. Do not ask me if the vitamins you already take are good. These are the ones that I love and recommend. The Miss Fit Club Isagenix
11. Drink Isagenix Ionix tea at night before bed.
12. Take hot baths daily with Epsom Salts, it will help release toxins more rapidly, or at least shower daily because your skin is your largest detox organ other than your  kidneys, liver and your popper.
13. Dry Brush, it will help increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. Read my Massage Therapist’s blog about this. Jeannine T. Wheeler
14. Sleep. Resting is so important for detox. Start a sleep ritual at night. Drink you Ionix tea, light a candle, meditate, read a book and soon your mind will be triggered by this and sleep. This is great for people who battle insomnia.
15. Massage, helps remove toxins more rapidly and will help reduce cellulite. I schedule one once during a seven day fast and at least one a week if you plan on doing a longer cleanse.
16. Take a before and an after picture. This is jarring. In only a few days of looking at my video blogs I saw a change in my skin and bloat in my face.
17. You may drink other teas as well through out the day. I have found that drinking hot tea helps the process and it helps you feel full. I love Yogi Detox tea. They have all different flavors.
18. There are a few books that are awesome as well if you want to read further into Juicing/Cleansing. One is the Juice Fasting Bible, the other is The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing Health. You can also read up online. The Natural Hygiene Society has one of the best websites for any type of fasting. So much awesome information. Educate yourself!
19. Do not use moisturizer, lotion, sun blocks etc. It blocks the elimination process. At night I use Nerium Night Cream. I love it. It is so Natural and it keeps your face smooth and supple so during the day it can be free of heavy lotion. If you are interested in this lotion I can get it for you and have it sent  to your home.  http://www.katieboyd.nerium.com
20. Do yoga, even if it in front of your fireplace. I have done hot yoga on a cleanse and it can be a little intense. So listen to your body.
21.Keep a journal or blog here to help connect with other people who are cleansing for support.
22. You will have a lot of time on your hands because cooking and eating are time consuming and so is the clean up. When I cleanse, I read, catch up with old friends, write, draw, pick up and old hobby, hike, or anything that connects you with a higher power or your source.
23. Stop any processed foods before you fast. No white anything and try to go easy on the protein and focus more on whole foods like fruits and veggies.
24. Colonic, this is obviously my favorite topic. A good colonic is life changing and again helps with the elimination process. I go to  Sante Center in New Hampshire.
25. Weird stuff may happen~ mucus, smelly poops, body odor, stinky breath, stinky pee…these are all signs of your body cleaning itself, so go with the flow!
26. Drink Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar 2 tablespoons in room temperature with water first thing in the morning. 
27. Get a PH Home Test Kit, take your pH levels everyday. Your goal should be perfect alkalinity.
28. Drink Aloe Vera juice
29. Drink Isa Greens. I mix them into my green juice
30. Take Isagenix Isaflush
31. Have Gratitude to everyone and everything
My Cleansing Regimen
7am~ Wake, 1 glass or room temp distilled water with 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar then Juice 8-16 oz Grapefruit with Mint and Ginger 2 oz of Isagenix Cleanse for Life and Product B with Telomere Support and Aloe
8am~ Cardio 45 minutes walking on 3.5 on the treadmill
9am~ Meditate 20 minutes. How to Meditate
9:30am~ Dry brush and a bath with Epsom salts or shower. What is Dry Skin Brushing?
10am~ Juice~8-16 oz of Green Drink (Kale, cucumber, apple, celery, spinach, lemon, lime, ginger, parsley) mix with Isa Greens.
11-7:30~ I work, sometimes I even work in the morning training clients so during these times is usually me at the gym so I bring my juices with with me
7:30pm~ Meditate for my second time during the day. Deepak Chopra Meditation
8pm~ Cook dinner for my family. I juice for my final and last time, drink my Ionix tea and take my Isaflush and Cleanse for Life and Product B with Telomere Support.
9-11pm~ Usually during this time I read or just watch TV and relax.
Juice Recipes
My Fave Morning Juice
3 grapefruit, a few sprigs of mint and a small piece of fresh ginger

Mid Day
This is the juice I typically drink all day mostly on my cleanse.
Anti Cancer/Prevention and Treatment
2 oranges peeled
1/2 of a papaya
1/2 beet root with tops
slice of ginger
1 red radish
2 carrots
1 cup of cabbage
Anti Cold or flu
1 lemon peeled
1 grapefruit peeled
1 clove of garlic
2 red apples
1 handful of mixed herbs oregano, parsley, mint, cilantro etc..
add 1 cup of hot water and sprinkle with cayenne pepper
Celiac, Gluten, any kind of IBS or Tummy Issues
2 oranges
2 red apples
2 inch slice of pineapple
3 stalks of celery
1/4 of a beet root
Anti Acne
1 orange peeled
1 lemon peeled
2 carrots
beet with tops
2 celery stalks
mixed hens
basil, mint, thyme
1 orange
1 lemon
1 pomegranate
sliced pineapple
2 apricots
1 cup pf pureed blueberries
Thyroid Issues
1 orange
1 red radish
2 carrots
1 beet with tops
2 lettuce leaves
ginger and kelp powder I use Sun A Chlorella
Weight Loss
1 orange
1 grapefruit
1 carrot
1 seal of celery
2 radishes
1 slice of ginger
pinch of cayenne
dilute with Strong green tea
Cellulite Reduction
1 orange peeled
1 lemon peeled
1 apple
1 plum 2 celery stalks 
Fat Burner
1 orange
1 grapefruit
mint and parsley
1 radish
1 apple
1 spring onion
1/4 beet root
Reduces acid in the body
1 grapefruit
1 lemon
2 celery stalks
1 cucumber
1 radish
2 inch slice of pineapple
How to Break Your Fast

When you wake up a slumbering digestive tract you must do it slowly. Start by eating small amounts of fruit and veggies raw for the first few days, then you can start with brothy soup made mostly of vegetables with a little bit of protein. You may also have some nuts and beans. Do not over eat. You will hate yourself if you do. I plan on adding some great recipes for healthy food afterwards. When you cleanse you do not want to go back to your old habits. You want to change your entire food lifestyle. You can also purchase my E-Book on Healthy recipes the first addition for more ideas.
Soup Recipe
Trader Joe’s Organic Vegetable Broth 6 Boxes
Garlic and Herbs to Taste, I like sage rosemary, parsley,thyme etc…
Summer squash
This is what I do but you can do any combo you like. I chop it all up and throw it in a big soup pot, then eat it a few times during the day until my body starts to acclimate to solid food again.
I hope that this blog is both educational, as well as inspirational. Hippocrates said in 460 BC,  “Let food be thy medicine and  medicine be thy food.”  We do not need weight loss drugs, acne medication and pills to make us poop. we just need good, clean, organic, sound nutrition and to have the strength and courage to know that we have the power to live one’s best life possible. The end exclamation point!
Best of Luck to all who attempt this.

I am here for you for questions and let us all as a community help each other here.