Dr. Oz

AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! That is all I have to say!!! Today was an extremely exciting day! One that will go down in my personal history along with with my birth, my pageant wins, the opening of my own business, the life and death of my Nana Pearl and in the future the marriage to the love of my life, the birth of my children and my death. Today I broke barriers. Today I was a Goddess! Today I reached my full potential on this Earth! The last year of my life I constantly asked, “why am I here”, what is my purpose?” Today I was gifted the almighty answer. To help women across the glow love themselves fully and embrace themselves as God’s creatures. When you truly love who you are and you are true to yourself and your purpose true freedom rings
and that is when the prison of life release you. The Truth shall set you free!

This passed week I was lounging on my couch, with Matthew,  on my day off and I was watching the Oprah Network,  OWN. and  DR. Oz was talking about TM or transindental meditation. I saw him scrubbing is hands on the show prepping for sugary and I was like…I love that Dude. He is cool as a freeze pop! Then I opened my email on my Iphone and there it was. An email
from Dr. Oz.  R u serious??? This is a sign! So there I was,trying to figure out how that just happened. Did I give a homeless man some money/ Was I extra nice to a bitty pageant girl when I really wanted to rip her to shreds or was it just kismet?! But  you know what?! Nothing is coincidence. I was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I knew that this was my chance to let my word out. Being healthy
does not mean being thin.  So I canceled my clients, gathered my things and took a train to NYC. Matthew and I stayed at the Omni Parker Hote on 52nd and Madison Avel. It was fabulous. We had dinner, drinks and I legit passed out. The next morning I woke up 5 am to be ready for a 730 am pick up. The limo picked Matthew and I up and escorted us to Rockefeller Plaza. It was so surreal because when I was child I had visited there on a school field trip ad I said to myself in my head that I would be there again. Just so happens, 20 years later, that I am on The Dr. Oz show as an expert in fitness and nutrition.  I arrived at Rockefeller Plaza with the hopes of getting my word out. I am a curve crusader!!!! I now realize that  my life mission is  to be the voice of women and girls across the nation…and, over the globe for that matter that curvy is beautiful.

My entire life I fought my body type.I starved
myself,I worked out 4 hours a day, I weighed every morsel of food that
touched my lips, even brought a scale to most Portuguese restaurants that I had
frequented during my early twenties, devoured fat burners and shot growth
hormone subcutaneously into my lower belly fat once a day to become a five foot
ten 11% body fat  mindless drone. Not my proudest moments on this planet.
Bout…on the other hand, now fully embracing my life  mission. These instance,
i the long run,  were my  proudest moments  because I can wear those decisions
like a  badge of honor because everything I did in my early adult  hood made me
who I am today and paved the way to be the woman who stands before you now and
tells her story proudly. I now speak my truth. This is why I am so damn amazing
at what I do! I have lived it, screwed up and done it again…  and lived to
tell about it. I now know  that you can sometimes  eff up and fix it.  God gives
you second and third chances. I know the right ways to lose  weight, get tone,
keep  your curves, and live to tell about it. I am the Joan of Arc of Curves!

I have endured the taping of an international television
show through a major network. I have endured competing in pageants since the age
of four. A five year abusive relationship, a four year deceitful relationship. I
have opened my own fitness facility with my own money, and absolutely no help
from anyone. my own sweat, my own blood my own tears, got engaged, literally
became a step mother to a fourteen year old girl and lived to tell about it
within two years. If I can do it then anyone can!

So here I am on the train. Exhausted, elated, ready for anything. If anyone tells
you that you can’t say do it…say SCREW! Because you can do anything you put your mind to. The world is limitless in its possibilities. Do you think that five years ago I
would proclaim that I would be in the position I was in?! Hell no!!! I was
dating a total weirdo, hanging out with crazy self absorbed people and working
for a boss who was less then worthy of my time and essence. But you know what!?
I took I leap of faith because I knew I had so much to offer the world. So, the
loser is with someone else making her life miserable.

Sometimes the things you think in your life or your business do
not work and they do not make sense and you have to dump some driftwood off at
the beach. I am in the middle of an overhaul at my fitness facility, while
planning my wedding, internationally training women from Dubai to Australia and
trying to sleep, eat, breathe and still raise funds for the causes that I feel
close to like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and The New England Home for Little Wanderers, while cooking meals and commuting to work and to NYC for Dr. Oz for that matter..

Here is the deal. If you feel out in the world my number on advice to you is to
look for spiritual leaders, surroud yourself with like minded people. If you ask
for help and look for it, you will find these people, they will be a beacon of hope.
If you feel like the people who you used to hang out with and be friends with are
no longer serving your needs in this world then you are most lilely moving up to
a higher vibrational frequency, It is ok! It may feel weird at first, I used to
get really upset about it. But after a while it is normal and those people who are
in your life will just fall away, like a leaves on a tree in the fall and it
doesn’t mean that either one of you are bad, it just means that those
people come into your life for a reason and that quota is filled and is
time to move on. Nothing more nothing less!

Check your Local Listings to watch my segment on Dr. Oz Monday May 28th!!